The Light of Venice

Light, the way it bleaches or caresses with soft golden touches, changes between continent, country and city. Ethereal and enchanting, the light of Venice might be characterised by its changeability. During the day it is often piercing as it refracts into scintillating mosaics on the water, while at dusk the rose sunset is mirrored, resplendent on the glossy lagoon surface.


“Every hour of the day is a miracle of light. In summer with daybreak the rising sun produces such a tender magic on the water that it nearly breaks one’s heart.” Peggy Guggenheim

The light of Venice is elusive and illusionary, its character is bound to the water which creates an infinite series of reflections, multiplying and falsifying the light.

“Sunlight on a canal is reflected up through a window on to  the ceiling, then from the ceiling on to a vase, and from the vase on to a glass or a silver bowl. Which is the real sunlight? Which is the real reflection?” John Berendt, The City of Falling Angels


Perhaps only the flickering flames of a furnace reflected on rippling Murano glass can capture the dynamism of light here.

The play of light and water creates kaleidoscopic ever-changing colours. Sometimes the piazze are drenched in sun becoming a bright white, while other times a murky canal dims  and chills a narrow street.

“… the sea flows through, grasping the city like tendrils of vine, and, depending upon the light, making alleys and avenues of emerald and sapphire… ” Mark Helprin, The Pacific and Other Stories

A rainy day in Venice brings so many delights, as it provides yet another shimmering reflective surface.

And what of the early morning mists, shrouding the domes of San Marco and obscuring all that lies out to sea beyond the piazza. The sun weakly filters through beginning to dance on the water.


“What is true? What is not true? The answer is not so simple, because the truth can change. I can change. You can change. That is the Venice effect.” John Berendt, The City of Falling Angels


16 thoughts on “The Light of Venice

  1. I’ve been to Venice a couple of times. The pictures and the quotes you’ve posted have brought back some amazing memories of this very unique city.

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  2. I love how you explain the light of Venice in this post. Made me think of the city in a whole new way. And love, love, love your short of the sunset! Such colors! It was rainy and overcast during my one and only trip to Venice, so I didn’t get to see a pretty sunset when I was there. 😦 Thank goodness I can live vicariously through you!

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  3. Such beautiful description of light, it really can change everything and set the mood. Love these images and the idea behind this post. I haven’t been to Venice (yet!) but would love, love to go one day. Thanks for joining us for #Wanderfulwednesday 😀


  4. I’m OBSESSED with Venice and you just shed the most beautiful light on this city!! (Pun intended) 😀 These photos are stunning and really give us an inside look into Venice’s magic! Thanks for linking up for #WanderfulWednesday!! 😀


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