Hidden Venice: The Most Serene of the Serenissima

For a tourist Venice, dubbed the Serenissima, is not a particularly serene experience. Most tourists will find themselves frustratedly scanning maps for streets names that don’t seem to exist, because signs are written in dialect and maps in Italian. And even if the names did correspond the warren of dark alleyways would still be unnavigable. There is the constant foreboding of getting scammed in each restaurant or shop as soon as they clock a non-Venetian. And there’s the nagging concern that the souvenirs at extortionate prices are products of China rather than handcrafted by the last remaining Venetian artisan as the sign proclaimed. Therefore it is important to find some moments of calm within a trip to Venice in order to try to experience this magical city away from the turmoil. In this section of the blog I will try to provide some recommendations of ‘serene’, or simply less touristy, destinations in Venice, beginning with Le Zattere. You can find the full post by clicking here.

Le Zattere, or Fondamenta delle Zattere, is a wide promenade along the water’s edge, situated at the furthest end of the Dorsoduro quarter. It runs parallel with the Giudecca island. This stretch of open space is special in Venice for several reasons, not least for the local, student atmosphere. Here you can also find one of the most famous gondola workshops in Venice…read more.



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