What to do with a Watermelon in Summer

The sun beats fiercely upon the pavements, the city is quiet with houses shuttered as their occupants flee to the breezy seaside. In the intense heat of summer in Italy, the only food to quench your thirst is crunchy, juicy watermelon.

But how about a spiced up, adult version of anguria?

Gin Spiked Watermelon


1 watermelon (to find the best knock the outside with your knuckles and listen for a hollow sound)

1 bottle of gin or other spirit of choice (vodka is also popular)


Metal spike (for testing meat) or sharp knife (or a drill if you’re serious like us)

If possible large plastic syringe

Sticky tape

To avoid spillages it’s best to place the watermelon in a large bowl or tub before beginning. Then, using the sharp knife or metal spike plunge deep holes into the watermelon around the top half. Now, if using the syringe, fill it with gin and insert the liquid into each hole (if you’ve made enough holes you shouldn’t need to put too much gin into each one). If you have no medical equipment to hand you can use a jug or pourable container to administer the gin. Sometimes the gin might seep out the other holes so just place over a piece of sticky tape. Then bung that spiced up treat into the fridge for a few hours.

Now imagine munching on fresh, alcoholic watermelon under the shade of similarly coloured umbrella on the beach, or perhaps on a roof top terrace in the late evening sun. Delicious!


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