An Offline Tour Guide in Your Pocket, and Free Things!

Consider strolling through the streets of Venice (which are seemingly maliciously designed to befuddle tourists) being personally guided by offline mobile apps that provide a mapped route, substantial cultural information and insider recommendations written by locals or expats living in the area.


I frequently curl up with a cup of tea and travel vicariously around the world through blogs, and I have hundreds of articles bookmarked for when, eventually, I visit in person. But trawling through previously read articles to find restaurant recommendations or museum locations and then searching each on Google maps is impractical and potentially expensive if using internet abroad.

However, the app GPSmyCity allows your mobile to become a kind of personal tour guide making this information easily accessible even offline. Furthermore, it has given me the opportunity to transform some of my blog articles into real world practical travel information accessible anywhere from a mobile.

GPSmyCity: Personal Tour Guide

GPSmyCity features over 5500 city walks and travel articles that can be downloaded for free onto a mobile device. Now, when you’re sitting on the aeroplane buzzing for your holiday you can read up on places you want to visit, and when you’re there, even if you have no internet, you can check facts and tips.

Then, if you want to be seriously self-sufficient and the envy of other hopelessly lost travellers, for a small fee you can upgrade your chosen article to a GPS guided tour directing you offline to secret spots and hidden gems.

The best part is all choices are up to you. It’s a tour guide without the obligation to follow a pre-set, standard route with a bunch of other tourists. You choose which articles to download and which bars to stop in. The articles are downloaded as individual apps including information, images, videos and, of course, the map.

Free Things!

Three of my blog articles are currently available to download, providing a recommended route that will reveal lesser known sites and locally frequented refreshment stops:

(giveaway!) Hidden Venice: Have an Aperitivo Like a Venetian —

The Town Left Over the Wrong Border (Vipiteno) —

6 Ways to Experience the Other Amalfi —

Follow the links to download the app! The first app plots a couple of fantastic bar crawl routes around traditional Venetian bars, which are tiny atmospheric spaces featuring wooden beams and locals wines and food. Those recommended in my article are frequented by locals and students, and include one with a boat terrace and another so small you have to perch on the nearby church steps for your aperitivo in the setting sun.

This article is not only free to download, but for the next week (31/10/2016 – 7/11/16) it is also free to upgrade so these labyrinthine routes are plotted clearly on a GPS enabled map!

Banish the worry of getting lost and be guided to hidden gems: download the apps now!

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